Great Answers FAST ... and More - FuzeDigital, based in Seattle, Wa., provides a modular, cloud-based software solution, which makes it fast and easy for staff, customers, members, partners and other desired stakeholders to get consistent, INSIGHTFUL, accurate and prompt ANSWERS and provide feedback across all channels on ANY device.

Our patented knowledge sharing and support platform includes modules for: Self Service, Assisted Support, Feedback Management, Online Community, Gamification, e-Commerce Integration and more. Selectively support all desired stakeholders from a SINGLE, fully integrated and highly customizable solution.

Only pay for what you need and run on our servers, platforms like Amazon's AWS, or your own servers. Move your support to the next level.

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Consistent, accurate, succinct and prompt support 7x24 across ALL channels using ANY device is no longer optional to remain competitive. In fact, recent studies have shown that over 75% of people demand it, many using their smart phones. We help you meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding people using their desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. Sure your Millennials expect this high level of support, but so do most people today!

Our customers use our solution to only support staff, only support members and customers, and some use it to support all stakeholders. It's entirely up to you, but isn't it nice to know we can grow with your needs. Best yet, you only need our ONE solution to support all your desired stakeholders!



It costs you money, brand equity and profit when people don't get to great answers FAST or feel their feedback is unheard. Proactively soliciting and acting on feedback enables you to turn naysayers into advocates and make system and operational improvements before they become major detractors to your brand.

We help you consistently provide high-quality support across all channels and devices, FAST. We also help you get up and going FAST with minimal IT support.



...Better support for less

People now demand prompt, consistent, accurate and personalized support across all channels using any devices. We help you do that for less money! It also doesn't hurt that our solution is so EASY and AFFORDABLE to get going and can scale with any organization's needs.

Saves You Money!

Why Choose Fuze?

Because we have a proven, modular and robust solution that is easy to use and pay for. Used by some of the biggest brands for over 10 years, we work hard to earn the loyalty of ALL our customers EVERY DAY.

It's also worth noting that since our inception in 2002 we have tirelessly built a fault-tolerant and secure systems infrastructure that has never been breached and has experienced less than 4 hours of unscheduled and 5 hours of scheduled downtime in the last 5 years. You can count on us!

Why Choose Fuze?

Financial Institution (FI)?

Our CEO was the CIO for a $60B bank and we clearly understand the needs of Credit Unions and Banks. From templates to help you get up and going quickly, to secure communications and personal finance calcs and content, we have incorporated some unique capabilities just for you!

Special Stuff for Credit Unions and Banks Include: