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What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is intended to define how we protect the privacy of our customers and other users of our technology. All information we collect on our behalf through our Web site and applications is owned by Fuze Digital Solutions and its use and protection is governed by this policy. However, all information collected by our customers using our products is owned by our customers and its use and protection is governed by their privacy policy.

  1. We will NEVER share your contact information, or the contact information of your customers or members, with ANYONE outside of Fuze Digital Solutions.

  2. We have NO OWNERSHIP RIGHTS to the information collected by our customers using our applications. As such, this information will not be sold, shared or rented by Fuze Digital Solutions to others.

  3. Information we collect on our own behalf is only intended to support our operations and will not be sold, shared, or rented to others.

  4. Access to all information that can be directly attributable to an individual or containing proprietary customer information will only be provided to personnel who require access to the information to support their job functions and our operations.

  5. All personnel that have been granted authorization to access information attributable to individuals or containing proprietary customer information will be under strict non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from sharing this information with anyone that has not been authorized to access this information.

  6. All customer information will be considered to be proprietary unless specifically communicated to be otherwise by the customer.

  7. All information collected by FuzeDigital on its Web site or by applications hosted under its control will have adequate security in place to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to this information.

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